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Student Magazine Seeks to Bring Back Segregation

Martin Luther King speaks with fist raised.

Growing up in the Deep South, it wasn't hard to find the last vestiges of segregation if you knew where to look. Years after the Civil Rights Act, there were still a few oddly placed water fountains and even a few signs stuck in the corner at local scrapyards. I couldn't help but notice them, thankful that those days were gone forever.

Or, maybe not.

A group of students at the University of Texas, San Antonio have decided to create a magazine that exists to promote segregation. Titled "No Whites Allowed," the student-run magazine doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. Further, it excludes heterosexual people of any ethnicity from contributing as well.

According to Campus Reform, an event description stated: "This zine specifically features and promotes black and brown lgbtqa creatives." It continued: "We hope to showcase our talent and create an open space for our voices to be heard."

"[F]or a very long time, black and brown people, especially those who are queer, have been told that they don’t have a space. That they don’t have a voice or a say. With this we would like to create a space."

They've been told what now?

Seriously. Who said that? I want names and dates and quotes.

I cannot find records of anyone in America telling non-white people they don't have a "space" or a voice or a say. I can find decades and decades of local, state, and federal laws protecting the right of anyone to have a say.