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Student Leaders Party at Mardi Gras With Student Fee Money

College years are when many people do the most partying they'll ever do. There's nothing wrong with that. However, we tended to party on our own dime -- and we didn't do it while virtue-signaling.

Student leaders at the University of Albany who attended the National Student Leadership Diversity Convention are in hot water at the moment. The convention was held in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, which I'm sure was purely coincidental.

As The College Fix reports: "Two-thirds of their $500 in Uber receipts show trips between their hotel 'into the New Orleans French Quarter or vice-versa,' the center of Mardi Gras."

That's a whole lot of travel to what is probably the largest party in the country.

These trips are funded through mandatory student activity fees at the college. The money funds a variety of things, and yes, sometimes it funds activist or political groups that students would rather not be paying for. However, I think everyone can agree that those funds shouldn't be used to help someone party.

Student Association (SA) President Jerlisa Fontaine told Campus Reform that the Ubers weren't taken to places like bars, however. She called the allegations "aggressive and unfair being that, as mentioned before, all bars, restaurants, etc. are in the same area and was too packed to even think of taking a cab from bar to bar."