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Strzok/Page Text Messages Are Even Worse Than You Thought

FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Newly released text messages between Peter Strzok, the recently demoted FBI agent on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, and his alleged mistress Lisa Page may be worse than anyone imagined. The Justice Department provided congressional committees with thousands of text messages between the pair late Tuesday night, and many of them are highly critical of the president.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Strzok and Page referred to then-candidate Trump as a "loathsome human being," "an idiot," "awful," and a "douche," among other insults. Strzok also indicated that he would vote for Hillary Clinton, even as he was leading the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's improper use of a private server while secretary of State.

Strzok was reassigned to human resources in July 2017 after the Justice Department's inspector general discovered the disparaging messages.

Page, a lawyer who was also assigned to the Russia probe, completed her detail before the special counsel's office became aware of the texts, CBS reported.

The text messages provided to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees indicate that Strzok and Page began sharing their intense political opinions via text message sometime in 2015. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) asked the Justice Department to produce copies of the communications earlier this month.

In November 2015, Page wrote that she hoped House Speaker Paul Ryan “falls and crashes in a blaze of glory,” to which Strzok replied: “Yes, And me too. At some point the Rep party needs to pull their head out of their ass. Shows no sign of occurring any time soon.”

Here, Strzok seemed certain that the woman he was supposed to be investigating would win:

In one message, Page sent Strzok a link to a story about Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, with the text: “What an utter idiot.”

In March 2016, Page texted Strzok: “God trump is a loathsome human,” to which Strzok replied: “Yet he may win.”

Strzok later asked Page whether she thought Trump would be a worse president than Sen. Ted Cruz. She replied, “Trump? Yes, I think so.”

Also in March 2016, Strzok and Page discussed who they would vote for in the coming presidential election. Strzok said, “I suppose Hillary,” and then moments later texted: “I would D[Democrat.”

“He doesn’t think you’re an R, does he?” Page asked Strzok. (It is unclear who “he" is.)

Strzok replied in a series of texts: “He think I wouldn’t vote for her right now. He knows I’m a conservative Dem. But now I wonder.”