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Stormy, Go Home

It is written that Jesus spoke thus when the scribes and Pharisees threw the adulteress at his feet and reminded him that stoning was the prescribed punishment for her crime.

In the matter of Stormy Daniels and her allegations against President Trump, it is necessary to flip the script: it is the president who is being stoned here, by a partisan mob whose sex lives, if revealed, would likely gag a majority of the American people.

So, the Trump stoners say it’s not about the alleged liaison with the pornographic “actress,” but the attempt to pay her off in return for a nondisclosure agreement on election eve to prevent her story from becoming public. This from an ideological and journalistically biased left-wing media and office-holding politburo for whom partisan rationalizations and double standards in the arena of sexual misconduct have risen to the level of a meticulous and duplicitous art.

These are the same people who, prior to the #Metoo movement blowing their cover, bent over backwards and kissed their own butts in attempts to defend the conclusively more egregious actions of President Bill Clinton and other sexual miscreants, including Harvey Weinstein.

If Daniels' accusations turn out to be true, what private citizen Donald Trump allegedly did has to be viewed as morally unsavory, there is no question about it. If it happened, it was a sin, most particularly from the standpoint of his status as husband and father. If the allegations are true, he apparently fell to a moment of carnal and moral weakness.

The act of paying off Daniels, a fact not in dispute, is more problematic. This chump-change dismissal looks like an admission and belies Trump’s denial.

In retrospect, a better course of action when Daniels surfaced with her Democrat partisan lawyer might have been to have told them—through the proper channels of course—to go pound sand. Mr. Trump should have come clean to the extent the allegations are true, if they are true. Because there is no way under the sun such an unsavory interlude, if proven to have happened, would have cost him the election.

Christians of all denominations have stated emphatically to the stone-throwing media that in voting for candidate Trump they were not voting for a pastor. When the alleged wham-bam-thank-you-mam indiscretion occurred, Mr. Trump was a celebrity mogul, making the rounds in a fast-paced, often morally relative universe. If he did have a transient sexual interlude with Daniels (and truth-telling is not exactly her penchant), he surely regrets it now.

But even if she’s telling the truth about this, it probably would have been better if the man who was on the verge of winning the White House would have challenged her to do her worst, and let the chips fall where they may.