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Stop Renaming Highways After Obama

Obama delivers statement on Iran.

Back in June, I wrote about the recent push by local school boards to rename their schools to honor Barack Obama, the president who spent eight years under a dark cloud of dozens of scandals, oversaw the worst economic recovery history, gave billions of dollars to Iran, doubled the national debt, allowed for the creation of ISIS, spied on Americans, etc., etc., etc.

As if renaming schools after Obama isn’t insulting enough, apparently, highways are the next frontier in the "Put-Obama’s-Name-On-Things" movement. Last week, a portion of the 134 Freeway in between Los Angeles and Pasadena, Calif., was renamed “Barack H. Obama Highway” after legislation introduced by California state Sen. Anthony J. Portantino won bipartisan support earlier this year. Why in California? Because Obama went to Occidental College and briefly lived in Pasadena.

As I have pointed out more than once, Obama’s record as president should disqualify him from ever being honored by having schools, highways, or anything else named for him. That schools and highways are being named after him is the most insulting form of a participation trophy. But, it gets worse.

In Obama’s home state of Illinois, there is now talk about renaming an expressway on Chicago’s south side after him, since the south side is where Obama got his start as a community organizer. What makes this particular proposal insulting is that the expressway they want to name after Obama is already honoring another person.

A member of a prominent Chicago political family running for mayor suggested that an expressway on the city’s South Side be renamed after former President Barack Obama, but the family of the man it’s currently named after isn’t happy.

The Dan Ryan Expressway, also designated as Interstate 90/94, is named for an ex-Cook County board president and his grandson, Daniel B. Ryan III, is hurt that Bill Daley would suggest a name switch without checking with the Ryan family first, the Chicago Sun-Times reported this week.

“Why would you take an honor away from one man to honor another?” asked Ryan III, 69. “Our family has been honored by this for 56 years, and we’d like to keep it that way.”

Keep in mind that Illinois is the same state that absurdly made Obama’s birthday a state holiday. He’s already been given one honor by the state that he didn’t deserve, but now they want to give him another that involves taking that honor away from someone else? Even if Obama had been a halfway decent president that would be inappropriate. Dan Ryan III suspects the push to rename the expressway after Obama is political.