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Squalid Underground Camp Discovered in Tucson, Volunteer Vets Say

See below for an update from the Tucson Police Department.

A disturbing situation on a CEMEX property in Tucson, Arizona, is developing. A volunteer patrol group, Veterans on Patrol, which searches the desert for homeless camps in an effort to help homeless veterans, has uncovered what they say is a child sex trafficking camp. Video of the bizarre camp is circulating on Twitter under #OperationBackyardBrawl. The video shows an underground chamber only small enough for children to climb in and out of via a removable board. There are cribs, children's toys, and pornography. Even more disturbing are what is being described as wrist restraints tied to nearby trees and what looks like blood splattered around the camp.

Tucson News Now has video of the camp here.

The veterans claim they found evidence of bodies buried underground and reported finding objects like bloody knives and bone saws. They claim that Sheriff Mark Napier, local police, the FBI, and Homeland Security wouldn't respond to their calls for help or requests for cadaver dogs.

Local coverage tells a different story. Footage of uniformed police can be seen on the property, searching the camp. Local coverage says that the investigation has been turned over to detectives. Videos made by the vets on the property contradict those claims. Louis Arthur, one of the vets on the ground, has made many videos claiming that law enforcement is not responding to calls for help to contain the site, collect the evidence, and find out what's going on there.

According to KGUN9, "Since the bunker was found, the Tucson Police Department has sent officers and investigative teams to search for evidence of the human trafficking of children. TPD says they have found no evidence of a human trafficking site," but the accompanying video doesn't show the hole in the ground with the chamber that the vets found. Other reports do:

Arthur has many videos on his Facebook page detailing their fight for help with this situation. He is asking for cadaver dogs and law enforcement to come and secure the site and collect evidence. The latest report he put out says that Tucson police promised they would bring the dogs requested and the veterans group is refusing to leave until they see that investigation is being done.