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SPLC Ties Trump to the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting, Even Though Shooter Hated Trump...

On Sunday, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) attempted to connect President Donald Trump to the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, Pa. The SPLC tried to blame Trump, even though the shooter said he did not vote for Trump and attacked the president for his close relationship with Jews.

The SPLC's intelligence project director, Heidi Beirich, mentioned one specific "conspiracy theory" connecting Trump and the shooter (whom PJ Media will not name in this article). The shooter's social media posts on Gab "show an adherence to the antisemitic conspiracy theory that Jews are trying to destroy the white race through immigration — which they believe is 'white genocide,'" Beirich wrote.

"The alleged shooter [name redacted] reaffirmed his belief in this absurd conspiracy while receiving medical treatment after slaughtering 11 people and injuring others including four police officers," the SPLC leader wrote. "He said he 'wanted all Jews to die' and also that '[Jews] were committing genocide to his people.'"

Then came the Trump link. "These conspiracy theories are perpetuated and elevated by the increasing amount of hateful rhetoric flying from the mouths, or keyboards, of a growing cast of characters, up to and including President Trump," Beirich argued.

Wait, the SPLC is claiming Trump — himself the very proud father of an Orthodox Jew (Ivanka) — is spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories? How does that compute?

In August, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a guest on to discuss the seizure of land from white farmers in South Africa. Trump responded to this report, tweeting, "I have asked Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo] to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. 'South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.'"

The situation in South Africa is indeed dire for many white farmers. As for "large scale killing," there have been a few isolated murders unconnected to the government. The farm seizures are real, however, often justified as a reversal of the seizures of black-owned farms under apartheid.

Furthermore, Trump never mentioned "white genocide," and if he had thought of the Tucker Carlson report as anti-Semitic, he would have condemned it immediately.

Some alt-right activists have indeed focused on the seizure of white-owned farms and claimed a "white genocide" is occurring. According to the SPLC, many of them are also anti-Semitic, which is not surprising — the disgusting alt-right does harbor racism and deserves constant condemnation.