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SPLC Leads Cuomo, DeBlasio in Condemning Proud Boys 'Hate' but Ignoring Antifa in NYC Brawl

A brawl erupted Friday night between members of the violent group Proud Boys and Antifa. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-Left group that brands mainstream conservatives as "hate groups," focused on the Proud Boys and ignored the violence of Antifa, leading New York's liberal Democrats to do the same.

The SPLC has branded the Proud Boys a "hate group" and largely ignored the violence of Antifa, branding the masked thugs "protesters." The brawl took place after Gavin McInnes gave a speech featuring a plastic sword, re-enacting the execution of a Japanese socialist.

The Proud Boys is an organization dedicated to championing maleness and Western Civilization in a culture that increasingly demonizes both. Tragically, the organization encourages violence as a means for members to prove their manhood. Conservatives should condemn this tactic, just as liberals should condemn the tactics of Antifa. Proud Boys members have appeared at white nationalist rallies, although the organization has insisted that it does not support such views. The SPLC identified some of the Proud Boys thugs Friday as "skinheads," known white supremacists.

Sadly, the SPLC presented the clashes as entirely the fault of the Proud Boys, reporting Tuesday that "Those who were beaten appeared to be people who'd shown up to protest the event, although the attacks took place blocks away from the club."

While the SPLC linked to a bystander's video showing Proud Boys members beating up Antifa thugs, neither the SPLC report Saturday nor the one published Tuesday makes any mention of the N.Y.P.D. video showing masked Antifa thugs hurling a bottle at the Proud Boys before the fight ensued. While Proud Boys were rushing at Antifa, they may have started the fight.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, Antifa robbed one of the Proud Boys members, and police arrested Antifa thugs in connection with the robbery. According to the SPLC, police arrested Antifa activists but not members of the "hate group." By reporting the situation this way, the SPLC suggested that New York police were biased in favor of the "hate group" and against the innocent "protesters."

Naturally, this one-sided view came out in statements from liberal politicians. The SPLC praised six New York politicians for echoing their concerns about the "hate group." Like the SPLC, the politicians conveniently forgot about Antifa.

"The bottom line is that I hold the President responsible for demonizing differences, fanning the flames of racism and division and creating a fire of hatred and violence," Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement calling the FBI to launch a "hate crimes" investigation into the incident. His statement referenced the SPLC's "hate group" label but left out any mention of Antifa.