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Soros Super PAC Operative Arrested for Assaulting GOP Campaign Manager in Nevada

Mike Stark mugshot

A Democrat operative working for a super PAC funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros was arrested Tuesday night in Nevada after he allegedly assaulted the female campaign manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt.

Kristin Davison told police that Mike Stark yanked her arm and twisted it behind her back, leaving her "terrified and traumatized" and with visible bruising on her neck and arms.

This attack comes amid news that two Republican candidates in Minnesota were assaulted by violent leftists, a threatening letter claiming to be laced with ricin was sent to Senator Susan Collins' home in Bangor, Maine, and multiple GOP offices were vandalized.

Stark, who was tracking Laxalt for David Brock's American Bridge 21st Century super PAC, has a long history of abusive behavior toward Republicans.

In her statement to the police, Davison said Stark barged into a room where Laxalt, Nevada's attorney general, was meeting with her and two other staffers after a campaign event in East Las Vegas Tuesday evening. She said Stark cornered her before he grabbed her.

"I could not move," Davison said in her statement. "Stark grabbed my right arm, twisted it behind my back, squeezed it very hard, and every time I tried to pull away he pulled me closer and gripped my arm tighter."

"I kept screaming help me, stop hurting me, you are hurting me," she wrote. "Stark would not stop and grabbed my arm tighter and pulled me closer to him and the door. I was terrified and at that point saw multiple colleagues try to pull him off me, but Stark held tighter."

"Politics is a little bit aggressive these days, but this is just insane. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Davison, 31, told Fox News on Wednesday.

“We’re used to trackers, but this guy was very physical—pushing me, pushing into members of my staff, screaming,” Davison explained. “This man was physically almost body-checking me. I was getting nervous for my safety, so we left and went into an open room.”

“He grabbed my right arm, my leg was lodged between the door and the wall. He twisted my arm, and contorted it behind my back,” she explained. “I was scared. Every time I tried pulling away, he would grab tighter, and pull me closer into him.”

Davison said Stark pulled her head into his chest, bruising her neck, and held her there for several minutes. She said it “felt like an hour.”

“I was scared and screaming ‘stop—you’re hurting me,’” Davison continued. She said Stark told Laxalt, “Adam, there’s only one way you can make this stop.”

“That really scared me,” she added.