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Slate: Climate Is 'Complicated' and 'Influenced by Many Factors'

All over the Northern Hemisphere, it's hot. It's summer, so of course it's hot. It's not unprecedented: the temperature record is hardly more than a century, and even so, the 1930s were far hotter. But any sort of weather invariably leads to screaming about "global warming," and so people are now screaming about global warming.

However -- and at the left-wing Slate, of all places -- some people are trying to temper that nonsense.

"The implication seems clear. Global warming isn’t some far-off hypothetical; It’s happening right here, right now, and we can see it in our thermometers," the article begins. However, it transitions: "Doling out blame for any single weather event is a tall order because weather is complicated. For one, it’s influenced by many factors: from planetary orbits to ocean currents to human activity."

Evidence is robust for two out of those three.

The global warming doom and gloom started back when climate "models" projected future temperatures to rapidly become unlivable. Universally, those climate models have since failed -- and they all failed far too high.

Unfortunately, this brief clarity from Slate faded into acceptance of the party line.

Climate is so complicated that some scientists believe it's simply not possible to construct an accurate climate model. Scientific conclusions are supposed to be reproducible: you drop sodium into water, you get a certain kind of reaction every time.

But with climate science, the models haven't simply failed to predict what will happen, they fail to accurately describe the past! The unavoidable truth is that warming alarmists don't understand the behavior of our planet's climate as intimately as they like to claim.