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SJWs Outraged White Actress Will Play African Queen Cleopatra

On Sunday, Britain's Daily Star reported that Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie — two white actresses — are competing for the role of Cleopatra, sparking outrage across social media. Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) demanded that the African queen should be played by a woman of color, even though the historical Cleopatra was Greek, not black.

"Stop whitewashing Cleopatra!!!" tweeted Kendra James, a writer and editor at Shondaland.com. "Film the story of literally any other queen on the vast African continent."

"I don't know how legit this is, but I think Cleopatra COULD be a great role for Lady Gaga - whoever, today's audiences might want to see a regionally correct actress for the role... what would YOU want?" comic book author and YouTube creator Grace Randolph tweeted, likely suggesting that a "regionally correct" actress would need to be black.

Black movie reviewer Valerie Complex also complained about "white actresses fighting over the role of Cleopatra," suggesting a film about "Literally any other Queen in the world preferable a WoC," or "woman of color."

"I'm not sorry to tell y'all but [Rihanna] definitely has that role owned! Gaga and AJ shouldn't even been in the running," Nick Holmes-McGowan, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, famous for fighting leukemia and pledging to run for president in 2032, tweeted. "Honestly if a black woman ain't playing Cleopatra, then NOBODY should play the AFRICAN EGYPTIAN QUEEN CLEOPATRA! PERIOD!"

"Cleopatra. More white washing," Jonathan R. Whitfield, a pastor and former Atlanta city council candidate, tweeted.

"Don’t NOBODY wanna watch a white Cleopatra," another Twitter user posted. "How about a real queen like Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira (Okoye), Jada Pinkett-Smith, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington? Real women of color. In those days Egypt was in N. AFRICA. Wasn’t no pale skinned people in that region."