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Why SJWs Accomplish Nothing in the Grand Scheme of Things

Social justice warriors are beyond annoying. Oh, it's easy to ignore them, but sometimes they seep into your life and things get really interesting.

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend about an incident that happened a couple of years back involving our brush with social justice jihadis, and we laughed and laughed about it. It's why they'll accomplish almost nothing in this nation.

Let me back up and explain. I'm a diehard geek, up to and including playing Dungeons & Dragons with a group of friends. One day, we learned a new couple would be joining us. Since we were starting a new campaign, it was a perfect time since everyone would be starting new characters anyway.

On the first day, another new guy was sharing a story about a previous campaign. In particular, a story where a minotaur basically prison-raped his brother's character. The new guy thought it was funny, and while I don't remember the particulars of the tale, I remember it being kind of an amusing story, even if the punchline was a guy getting sodomized by a character from Greek mythology.

Months later, the male half of this social justice crusader couple decided to give out a little social justice by way of an in-character beatdown.

The problem? Little things that none of us, including the host who is half-Cuban, found problematic were major problems... including the story about a fictional rape. Rather than saying this at the time in a respectful way and asking politely that such things not be shared, he waited until he could blow up and present a list of "sins" for many members of the group. Oddly enough, I —the guy who makes his living in part by mocking SJWs — wasn't a problem, but almost everyone else in the group was.

He proceeded to lecture everyone on everything, up to and including "white privilege." Any disagreement, even respectful, was met with derision and mockery. He knew how the world was supposed to work and nothing would be acceptable other than the complete and total capitulation to his whims.

Needless to say, the couple didn't come back.

How did we respond? Well, the next game was hilarious because we went out of our way to find offense at everything. We kept score on who could be the most offensive (I think I won), all because we were frankly a little pissed at the accusations.

Then we went on with our lives and about the only thought we give the complaints is to laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing.

I've spoken with others who have been in situations where the social justice jihadi tries to demand change, and they report similar things. Maybe people don't try to be offensive afterward, but nothing ever changes. Not really.