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Silence Over UN Anti-Israel Votes Exposes Disingenuous Concern for Anti-Semitism

Was the concern for anti-Semitism in the wake of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre among the media and political establishment heartfelt and genuine, or, sadly, more cynical and calculating?

Are white nationalists the primary drivers of a growing scourge of Jew-hatred, or are its purveyors largely to be found elsewhere?

Both of these propositions were put to the test recently at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The results are sobering, and challenge the prevailing chattering class narrative.

At the 73rd session of the UNGA, the vast majority of its 193 member states voted to share a rotten early Chanukah gift with the Jewish people: Six blatantly anti-Israel resolutions.

These resolutions collectively cast the New Jersey-sized, most liberal, democratic and prosperous nation in the Middle East – faced with existential threats from all sides on a daily basis – as a deplorable, illegitimate “occupying Power.”

Beyond leveling the usual calumnies at the Jewish state, among other things, the resolutions: (i) deem invalid any Israeli control over its own capital of Jerusalem; (ii) suggest that the Jerusalem-based Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism – yet where Jews are perversely forbidden from praying -- is solely the domain of Muslims, referring to it by its Arabic name “Haram al-Sharif;” and (iii) cast as illegal all Israeli development in Judea and Samaria -- also religiously and historically vital Jewish lands, seized in Arab wars of aggression and reclaimed by Israel in the Six-Day War -- for which too, Israel’s legal claims under international law are robust.

Religious, historical and legal merits aside, it is clear that these resolutions are meant to browbeat and bind Israel, while empowering her foes.

It is also clear that – to the extent there is a distinction between the two ideas, something this writer would dispute – such resolutions were not only “anti-Zionist,” but anti-Semitic. Why?

The UNGA singles out the world’s sole Jewish state to an egregious extent, and holds it to an unreachable, self-sacrificial standard, that in practice would only be satisfied by its destruction. Israel’s denigrators lodge a staggering number of condemnatory resolutions just like these against it annually. According to UN Watch, from 2012-2017, no less than 77 percent of all UNGA condemnatory country-specific resolutions exclusively targeted Israel. Virtually all of the resolutions affirm that when it comes to the Jewish homeland, basic rights and responsibilities -- including those imperative to any nation’s survival such as defending its sovereignty and protecting its people from terror -- are criminal.

Such resolutions are par for the course at the UN, a body with a sordid history of legitimizing and even lionizing totalitarians and tin-pot dictators, while attacking the West’s leading lights including the United States and Israel.