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Is a Showdown Coming Between Trump and Mueller?

CNN is reporting that Donald Trump's personal lawyers will meet with special counsel Robert Mueller next week in order to "gain a clearer understanding of the next steps in Mueller's probe, according to sources familiar with the matter."

What happens if the president doesn't like where Mueller's probe is heading?

Herein lies the possibility of a real "high noon showdown" between Trump and Mueller, with the president insisting that the special counsel limit his probe to matters pertaining to Russian interference in the election and Mueller demanding a broader scope for his investigation.

To date, Mueller's probe has uncovered zero evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. But he has apparently caught Michael Flynn in a lie about his lobbying activities and may have former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon on money laundering crimes he committed before he even knew the president.

For the rest, he has meetings between Russians and Jared Kushner that don't prove anything and a lot of media speculation. So the president has a legitimate case to make that Mueller is on a fishing expedition -- a partisan witch hunt using taxpayer dollars to do the bidding of Democrats in Congress to find evidence to impeach the president.

The recent revelations about Mueller's top investigator expressing partisan sentiments against Trump don't help Mueller's case one bit. In fact, Mueller may seek to rescue his investigation by baiting Trump into firing him.