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'Shout Your Abortion' Movement Targets Children in Creepy Video

The #ShoutYourAbortion movement has a new target for its propaganda—children. In Huxleyan fashion, they have written a book for young people and are promoting it with a video in which one of the cofounders has an uncomfortable discussion with young kids about her abortion.

Amelia Bonow tweeted the video in which she compares her abortion to "a crappy dentist appointment." She says the kids grilled her about it, but the "educational moment" was less a grilling by the kids and more a cringe-worthy attempt by Bonow to indoctrinate them.

Treating the interviews as if they were part of career day at school, Bonow presents the video as "Kids meet someone who’s had an abortion." I remember meeting firemen or policemen back in school, but someone who had an abortion? In those days, such discussions were handled by my parents or school counselors.

Not today. Now, we have a pro-abortion advocate challenging middle schoolers about their religious beliefs and spreading false information—all to make herself and others feel good about their abortions. The idea that "abortion is a last resort" has given way to "abortion is a noble cause" in which those who’ve ripped out their babies demand affirmation and approval to ease their troubled consciences.

Bonow begins her session by asking the kids what’s an abortion, and true to form, they answer, "It’s when you go and get rid of a baby." Bonow seems immediately uncomfortable with the response, but it’s okay. She has a plan. Through questions and maneuverings, she eventually drives home the point that it’s not really a baby because "life doesn’t begin at conception." According to Bonow, it’s when the baby is born.

When a boy describes a fetus as a sea cucumber, Bonow smiles in affirmation and even giggles. It’s reminiscent of the Director in Brave New World watching little kids in erotic play and calling it "charming, just charming." It’s downright creepy.

Despite the failure to instruct these kids on real science, which tells us that life actually does begin at conception, Bonow plows on with her propaganda. When one girl asks what happened during her abortion, Bonow coldly explains, "You go to the doctor and they put this little straw inside of your uterus and then they just suck the pregnancy out." It was uncomfortable "for my body," she says, but she was "grateful" that she wasn’t pregnant anymore.

Notice how she dehumanizes the baby, the life inside of her. She also fails to tell the children about the physical risks to the mother. She ignores the pain women suffer and the long-term adverse effects. She skips over the emotional toll having an abortion takes on most women.