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Should Trump Win the Nobel Peace Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke. Let’s start off by acknowledging that. If the award ever meant something once, it has since become a joke by having been awarded to several controversial, politicized, and undeserving people over the years.

One of the best recent examples of an undeserved award went to Barack Obama in 2009; he won the prize simply for not being George W. Bush. His award was purely symbolic, as he was nominated at a point where he had no foreign policy achievements. None. Nada. The only good thing about the award was that it preceded a series of foreign policy failures. Obama’s policies on Iraq and Afghanistan snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and perpetuated those wars. His intervention in Libya completely destabilized the country and the region. And his apathy towards the threat of Islamic terror allowed it to grow virtually unchecked on his watch. He dropped the ball by failing to recognize the rise of ISIS. His inaction with Syria, his support of the Arab Spring, and his foolhardy nuclear deal with Iran have made the world a much more dangerous place than it was when he first took office.

Obama was lucky that the committee gave him a symbolic award so early in presidency. His actual record on peace was so terrible that Geir Lundestad, the secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, expressed regret over awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama in his memoir Secretary of Peace. “No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama,” he wrote. “Even many of Obama's supporters believed that the prize was a mistake.” In an interview with the Associated Press, Lundestad said the committee believed the award “would strengthen Obama and it didn't have this effect."

You think?

Truthfully, the Nobel Peace Prize had its fair share of embarrassing awards before Obama. Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Yasser Arafat are all Nobel Peace Prize laureates, too. Last year, former Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif were frontrunners to share the prize for their roles in securing the Iran Nuclear Deal. The deal that has been repeatedly violated by Iran.

How can the Norwegian Nobel Committee redeem itself after such embarrassing selections and nominees?

It could start by awarding the prize to President Trump.

Less than a year and a half into his presidency, Trump has done more to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize than his predecessor. Thanks to Trump, the war against ISIS has gone from suffering repeated setbacks to repeated victories. While many speculated that Trump's efforts to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea and his rhetoric towards Kim Jong Un would lead to disaster, instead they resulted in the historic denuclearization agreement between North and South Korea.