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Should There Be a Space Corps?

One of the many leftist mental breakdowns I’ve seen lately involves Trump’s announcement of a Space Corps.

My quite favorite tweet about it was this:


As you can tell, this woman, a luminary of my field (at least if you listen to critics and award givers), has decided to completely enter a science fiction universe, in which science is some sort of religion, which is supported by “belief” and can be “denied” instead of a discipline of arduous investigation of reality. Note also that the gods of Jemisin's "science" won't work for white supremacists.  In point of fact, Nazis — who were the only white supremacists with any power in living memory — did okay at science (until they subjugated it to ideology).  In her universe, also, Trump has “defense buddies” which, as we all know, is some sort of cabal that of course doesn’t believe that the country needs to be “defended”—because, duh, a country that has no borders doesn’t need defense (it needs the prayers for the dead, but that’s something else) – but wants to make money off guns and other evil! bad! deplorable! stuff. In this universe, also, we apparently have children “prison camps.”

One must award her points for either the performance art or the inventiveness of her creation.  I mean, other leftists are nattering on about children in cages and children in jails, without (by the way) the slightest connection to reality, but good old N. K. Jemisin can be counted on to go one further and invent children prison camps.  Now if only she could carry a plot in a bucket, she might appeal to people beyond her echo chamber.

But she’s not the only one with her panties in a bunch about a Space Corps. (Dear Jemisin, is Trump funneling money to his “defense buddies,” if that’s what you really think is happening, better or worse than Obama funneling money into the renewable energy boondoggles like Solyndra? Justify that. Show us the math. – Love and kisses, Sarah)  Unfortunately, I saw insanity from the right too, in the Libertarian/conservative groups I belong to.

“I don’t like it; it will lead to the militarization of space.”  “We don’t need to extend war outside the Earth.”

So, this is where I put my hands on my hips and speak with no restraint.

Guys, seriously. Where have humans gone that war hasn’t gone?

Earth, sea, under the sea, and the air, every time we extend our domain to a new frontier, war follows.  Infantry, Navy, Submarine Corps, Airforce.

You can sit there all day and moan about the inhumanity (not true.  It’s very much the humanity) and wish it were otherwise, but you can’t prevent it from happening.