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Sex-Free Gun Videos Hit PornHub as YouTube ‘Tightens the Noose Around Free Speech on the Internet’

video screenshot of guys with guns and the text "YouTube" with an X and "PornHub" with a check mark.

Facing an impending crackdown on YouTube, many firearm enthusiasts have taken their videos to PornHub in a bid to fight online censorship. Karl Kasarda, co-owner at InRangeTV, spearheaded a movement that has now drawn at least three other firearms filmmakers to post sex-free videos on the porn site.

"For me, this is not about guns," Kasarda told PJ Media in an interview Friday. "This is about the world's largest content distribution network taking a stance against legal content based on a social movement and nothing more."

"What do we do about this increasing noose being tied around free speech on the Internet?" Kasarda asked, pointedly.

Kasarda and Rillito, Ariz.-based InRangeTV did not start on YouTube, but on Full 30, a separate content distribution network. After a year, the videographers realized that "there was no way to grow our content except on YouTube." Today, InRangeTV has more than 140,000 subscribers on YouTube. Counting other platforms, Kasarda said his platform is "edging toward 200,000" overall.

YouTube has become "increasingly unreliable" for InRangeTV in recent months, however. Kasarda recounted the YouTube demonetization "apocalypse" that hit all kinds of content — gun-related videos, videos about LGBT issues, videos on the Right and on the Left.

"YouTube started doing other things, like deprioritizing our content," he said. "Subscribers became unsubscribed." In the wake of the general news and their personal struggles, InRangeTV decided to cut the cord. "We turned off our advertising, demonetized our videos, and turned to a crowd-sourced system through Patreon."

"Since we're now crowd-funded, when YouTube decided to no longer carry firearms content, we could survive," Kasarda said. "I started putting our videos on YouTube, Full 30, Facebook, BitChute."

Three months back, the video producer came up with another idea. He created a PornHub account after joking with his fellow videographer C&Rsenal.

Earlier this week, YouTube announced it would introduce new restrictions on firearms videos, effective April 20. The site will ban videos that promote or link to websites selling firearms and accessories, including bump stocks. The site will also prohibit videos with instructions on how to assemble firearms. With this news, Kasarda decided to put his backup plan into action.

"I decided now was the time to do it," the InRangeTV co-owner said. He announced his decision on Facebook Tuesday, and posted a few videos on PornHub. Citing its "understanding that vice and pornography have long been leading drivers of communications technology and infrastructure," the site declared, "InRangeTV is pleased to announce its expansion onto the PornHub network."

As of Friday, InRangeTV has 724 subscribers and its porn-free videos have attracted 24.5K views on the porn site, impressive for a mere four days on the platform. On YouTube, by contrast, it has racked up 24.6 million views since 2014.