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Separate and Unequal: Harvard Hosts Graduation for Black Students Only

Harvard has hosted its first ever graduation for black students only. One can’t help but wonder about the confusion surrounding the shade of Martin Luther King Jr. after the long fight, the attempt to abolish the system of separation of the races, his dream that one day his children would live in a country that would judge them by the content of the character and not the color of their skin.

One also feels that they owe the upholders of South African apartheid an apology.

But, Sarah, you say, this is different, this is not because blacks are inferior, but because blacks are equal. It is their own choice to hold their own graduation ceremony for only people of their race so they can feel comfortable and empowered.

Is it different now?


Why do black people in America, where they are absolutely equal under the law, graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in the country—one that almost guarantees a golden future to those in possession of a diploma—not want to graduate with the rest of their citizens, those in the same privileged position to grasp the golden ring of success, on the basis of their Ivy League education?

Why, having attained that kind of achievement, do they wish to graduate only with people of similar skin color (honestly, in the U.S. it’s more a matter of features)?

Are they likely to be attacked or suffer hostility at the hands of other scions of families wealthy enough to afford to send their children to Harvard?  Are they likely to be looked down upon and discriminated against by the products of an education that emphasizes, most of all, the eschewing of “white privilege”?  Will they not be sufficiently privileged in a more ecumenical graduation ceremony?

While I can see that some products of our educational indoctrination system believe just that, anyone who lives in 21st-century America knows all those fears are baseless. The greatest risk students of any color graduating from Harvard suffer is being fawned upon excessively. Though there’s also the risk, for those students who can tan, of being told how hard they’ve struggled and how much they’ve suffered.

Which is, let us face it, poppycock.

I want to say right up front that black people in America are on average as capable as any other American. It would be very strange if they weren’t since in Africa, American blacks would be known as “Caucasian.” Let’s face it – and no, it wasn’t just rape-minded slave owners.  It was the fact that for a long time in American black culture paler skin was prized – very few Americans here for more than three generations are pure anything, and the American black population is on average pale enough to be called “white” in any Mediterranean country. So there is no genetic inferiority, no basic lack of capability of performing as well as any other American.