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SCOTUS Case Argues Pro-Life Organizations Shouldn't Have to Advertise Abortion Services

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution covers a lot of ground. It covers free speech, the right to petition for the redress of grievances, freedom of religion, and the right to assemble. These rights are connected, and these rights are under constant attack by Leftists.

A California law requires pro-life organizations offering pregnancy services to also offer information on free or low-cost abortion elsewhere. The Hill's Catherine Glenn Foster writes: "Abortion advocates in the state recently became alarmed that the burgeoning number of pro-life Pregnancy Care Centers (they now outnumber abortion facilities nationally 5 to 1) neither offer abortions to their clients, nor refer women for them. To do so would be antithetical to their mission."

Yes, it would. Very much so.

These are often faith-based organizations, which can make this a violation of their freedom of religion. Yet even if they aren't, this still runs counter to the First Amendment. After all, if individuals have the freedom to say what they want, it stands to reason they also have the right to not say things they don't want. Would it be right to require a Moms Demand Action group to post something in support of the Second Amendment? Should Black Lives Matter be required to post something in support of the Klan?

Of course not. So why are pro-life organizations being required to advertise abortion services?