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Scott Adams: Trump's 'Very Stable Genius' Tweet Was 'Absolutely Genius'

President Trump smiles

Dilbert creator Scott Adams explained in a Periscope video Saturday that President Trump's latest string of tweets was an example of his absolute genius. He said the president had been backed into a corner by the left's framing of him as "crazy and stupid." The least persuasive thing a person can do to fight such attacks, according to Adams, is to protest that he's not crazy and stupid -- because the only words people will remember are "crazy and stupid."

So what does the president do to avoid being branded by the left as crazy and stupid?

"The mainstream media doesn't understand what they just saw!" Adams declared.

He noted that people were going to call the president a "dangerous narcissist" for calling himself a genius in a tweet -- and that was okay because the tweets are "just wonderful."

Adams acknowledged that he is not an expert in most fields, but as the creator of a successful comic strip, he said he does know a little something about "writing short, funny sentences that get their point across."

In addition to "throwing out a lot of chum" into the news cycle, which Adams says the president does quite well, his tweet makes you "think past the sale of genius by saying he's a very stable one." 

"In my opinion -- as an expert in this narrow field of writing short, effective sentences -- this, my friends, is genius," he declared. "What you're seeing is absolutely genius."

Adams, who is also a trained hypnotist, pointed out that every anti-Trump critic in the world is now going to sarcastically mock him after everything he says and does as a "very stable genius."

Adams added that he himself will get mocked for calling Trump a genius.

"Well, the Dilbert guy says he's a genius so it must be true!" he goofed, applying a fake goatee to his chin for effect. "Or they'll say, 'well, the guy who writes Garfield thinks he's a genius. I'm convinced!'"