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Safe Streets Project Vows to Disrupt Antifa, Black Bloc Domestic Terror Riots on Nov. 4

An organization called Refuse Fascism has more far-left protests planned all over the country to commemorate the election of Donald Trump and the electoral upset on November 4. This could spin out of control quickly. "Regime change," as they call it, is the goal, yet they claim they are not trying to overthrow the government or disenfranchise millions of voters who voted for Donald Trump. The idea is to take to the streets until Trump and Pence resign. Seriously. This footage of Refuse Fascism activists hyping the coming chaos was taken on Halloween night on the streets of Chicago.

Refuse Fascism claims their protests will be nonviolent. But domestic terror groups Antifa and Black Bloc may have other plans. Ivan Throne's organization, Safe Streets Project, is planning to be in Austin, Texas, this weekend to document, identify, and help curb any violence. Throne, author of the philosophy bestseller The Nine Lawsand owner of the DARK TRIAD MAN® platform ,has been organizing against Antifa and Black Bloc violence for the last year. The Safe Streets Project is a peaceful volunteer effort that allows individuals to quickly, securely, and privately identify and flag violent street rioters for prosecution. PJ Media reached out to Throne for more information on his work.

"Our core team consists of senior military, threat intelligence, business leaders, technical, S.W.A.T., and private military contractor professionals determined to use their deep convictions and connections to put an end to violent Antifa riots and associated crimes against decent men and women who believe in free speech in the United States," he said. "Antifa and Black Bloc rioters on the streets can be safely and anonymously referred to prosecution and convicted by the work of decent men and women in the street who use our digital platform to submit intelligence reports, images, video, and more information where it is cross-referenced using facial recognition and other technology," he explained.

"A Safe Streets Ground Dominance team will be physically deployed for the first time in Austin, Texas, this Saturday," he continued. "We do expect that there will be sporadic bursts of individual acts of violence from Antifa and associated groups," Throne warned. "As is true in any crowd gathering, mob mentality can certainly ensue. We will have cameras and work with law enforcement to make sure that people are not harmed and that Antifa crimes are prosecuted. This is a major evolution of our work."

Ivan Throne, Dark Triad Man/Image used with permission

Previously, Safe Streets only operated online helping to identify violent actors in the Antifa riots. "The Antifa-identifying and tracking is just part of it, the surface work. We do a lot of work of liaison behind the scenes," said Throne. "Safe Streets Project is a transmission belt. We work with all the various groups, including groups that do not talk to each other." Some of these groups are militia, motorcycle clubs, and others who have taken it upon themselves to protect Americans who want to assemble for free speech.