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Russians Don't Understand Us Enough to Hack Us

Okay. Before you read this, check under your bed for Russians. Once you’re done, check under your desk for Russians. Then check your computer for Russian robots.

You won’t find any, of course, but you’ll have assured the left and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) that you aren’t being manipulated by Russians.

The backstory of this is kind of funny since we on the right were accused for years of believing there were Russians (Soviets, actually) under our beds. We didn’t, of course. We believed there was Soviet propaganda in our heads, which was rather more to the point.

So imagine our surprise when the left, after their defeat in November 2016, decided it was all the Russians' fault, and went from unfounded accusations of “hacking the elections” which seem to indicate that Russia had hacked the vote gathering or counting apparatus (they didn’t) to claims that Russia had, somehow, hacked our national psyche with their few purchased ads on Facebook, their trollish comments on political blogs, and their organizing of a half-dozen demonstrations.

Even then, it is almost impossible to understand why they think this helped Trump, since ads, demonstrations and probably the trolling were on both sides of the political spectrum (not sure about the trolls since the Russian IP ones on my blog were uniformly either crazy-religious or racist. Neither of which, by the way, tracks with supporting Trump, really).

Almost impossible, but not impossible if you realize two things about the left:

  • They have no conceptual model under which they fail. They simply never expected another Republican would ever be elected president, and though I’m not willing to spend time looking, I’m sure you can find dozens of articles saying that.  Heck, they taught it as revealed truth to my kids’ generation. So, when they fail it must be due to something underhanded or evil. Even when they install their favored centralized government and it fails, it becomes the fault of “Wreckers and Hoarders” because their model doesn’t plan for or admit failure.
  • They’re born and bred oikophobes. ALL other countries are better than the U.S. All of them. But Russia is particularly good because most of these red-diaper babies or their parents were raised on the idea that Russia had founded the perfect communist state. Even after the Soviet Union fell, they lamented “the good guys lost” and even now if you want to wind one of them up, any mention of the Stalinist massacres brings foaming-at-the-mouth denial. So, of course, if some mastermind could be really sneaky and “hack” America, it must be Russia. And as they all know the “good guys” lost in Russia too, hence, of course, they might sabotage them here.