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Rules Don't Apply to You If You're Really Angry

After eight years of Obama separating illegal immigrant parents from their children at the border, with little or no press coverage, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters have suddenly decided that America's immigration laws are EXACTLY THE SAME AS NAZI GERMANY AND IF YOU DISAGREE YOU ARE LITERALLY HITLER. And can you blame the poor dears? At this point, they're running out of options. The whole "Russian collusion" thing doesn't seem to be working, and Stormy Daniels turned out to be barely a sprinkle.* Immigration is this week's attempt at #Resistance, and they're giving it all they've got.

I don't like hearing about children being separated from their families. I probably wouldn't have liked it when it happened between 2009-2016, but the press didn't throw a fit about it back then because criticizing Obama was racist. Now, it's just another excuse for them to cavil against Trump. Now, all the old rules are out the window. Because they weren't really rules in the first place.

That's why stuff like this is not only acceptable, but necessary:

That's why something like this is now considered good, solid journalism:

(Yes, Splinter News really did give out Stephen Miller's private number. Apparently the Trump administration isn't as evil as I'm constantly told it is, or else these #journalists would be terrified to do stupid crap like this. If you tried to clap back at Hitler by blasting out his private number, he'd order you and your whole family executed. No such risk for these "reporters." No risk at all, really.)

That's why, last night when Kirstjen Nielsen went out to dinner, a bunch of dimwitted socialist kids started screaming at her like babies:

Fighting "fascism" with fascist tactics. Are you convinced they're right yet? You'd better agree with them, or you could be next.

That's why Peter Fonda took the time to remind us that Jane is actually the sane one in the family:

That's why there's now an entire Twitter feed devoted solely to publishing personal information about ICE agents.

All of this behavior is acceptable because these brave #Resistance fighters are very, very angry. Their anger doesn't care about your facts or decorum or common sense. They can't win elections anymore, so this is their only outlet for their formless, free-floating rage. Why should they care about unintended consequences? Or about the intended ones, for that matter? Such concerns are for the bad guys.

As I'm typing this, it looks like President Trump is going to give in to their demands and sign some sort of executive order. I'm sure that'll calm 'em down, right? Right.