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Report: Deputy AG Rosenstein Threatened to Subpoena GOP Intel Reps' Calls and Texts

 Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appears on the Hill.

Highly placed congressional sources are telling Fox News personalities off the record that last month, out of frustration, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to subpoena the communication records of Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee. If true, the threat could constitute an abuse of power or even obstruction, a Fox News legal analyst says.

On Fox Business' “Making Money” Friday, conservative talk show host David Webb said a "highly placed congressional source" told him that during a January 10, 2018, meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Rosenstein, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes were in attendance, Rosenstein got so irritated by the requests for outstanding documents that he threatened to subpoena Congress and launch an investigation.

Webb pointed out that investigating Congress is not something the deputy AG can do just because of "the constant requests that he wasn't filling."

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett made the same claim on Fox News Friday night. 

"A congressional source tells me that Rod Rosenstein in a meeting three weeks ago threatened Chairman Nunes and members of Congress that he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the Intel Committee," Jarrett said at the end of a segment on "Hannity."

Saturday morning, Jarrett tweeted that a second source had told him Rosenstein had threatened members of the House Intelligence Committee, calling it likely "an abuse of power and obstruction."

Jarrett says if the allegations are true, "Rosenstein must resign or be fired."