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Rep. Barbara Lee on MSNBC: Attack on Syria 'Would Be an Illegal Strike'

Shortly before President Trump launched a strike on Syria Friday night, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Texas) went on MSNBC to warn the president that he should ask Congress for authorization to use military force.

Host Chris Hayes asked, “Congresswoman Barbara Lee, you were the lone vote in the House against the authorization to use military force, which of course has been used to justify American military action in about nine, ten countries. What is your position on strikes on Syria on the Assad side of the equation?”

“Yeah, first, Chris, this is very dangerous," Lee said. "I suspect they’re going to use, if they strike, the 2001 authorization that I voted against because it was a blank check and any president has used this blank check, all presidents have since then, to use force and to conduct military operations."

Lee continued, "But I tell you, this president, if he’s going to conduct a military strike should come to Congress. We should debate the costs and consequences of it. And we should have a vote. In no way should he conduct this because this certainly would be an illegal strike and it would be very dangerous and tragic if this happens.”