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Rapper Daz Dillinger Sics the Crips on Kanye West for Supporting President Trump

Rapper Daz Dillinger flips the double bird at the camera.

The politics of personal destruction have taken an ugly and dangerous turn. A California rapper has issued a “Crip alert” for gang members to attack Kanye West over his support of President Trump—and local law enforcement is taking it seriously.

Rapper Daz Dillinger, cousin of anti-Trump rapper Snoop Dogg, called on the violent Crips gang in California to "f--- Kanye up" in a now-deleted Instagram video on Sunday.

In the clip, Dillinger said: "We are in one boat and they’re killing all of us. He jumps over there and says 'Master, I'm [on] your side,’”  TMZ reported. "I'm with you master Trump. Burn all these n------."

“Yo national alert, all the Crips out there, y’all f--- Kanye up,” Dillinger continued. “Better not ever see you in concert; better not ever see you around the LBC; better not ever see you around California.”

The rapper further threatened West, saying: “Stay in Calabasas, you hear me? ‘Cuz we got a Crip alert for Kanye… All the Crips out there — you see that n-----, bang on his a--, f--- his a-- up. ”

Here is the video (extreme content warning):

TMZ reported that detectives at the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. are now looking at the video to determine if there's a "prosecutable crime." According to TMZ, "the Sheriff's Dept. has also reached out to Kanye and his security team, but so far they have not heard back."

Dillinger taunted TMZ in a tweet, citing "freedom of speech."

Other rappers have weighed in on the threat, including 50 Cent, Fox News reported. “What the f--- is going on,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram. “Daz Told the crips to f--- Kanye up…Crips Vs Kardashian’s…get the strap.”

According to TMZ, rapper "The Game" said West shouldn't take the Crip threat lightly, "'cause he says his brother from another color means business."

We got the Blood-affiliated MC Monday night at Ace of Diamonds and asked about Daz calling on Crips to "f*** up" Kanye on sight after re-professing his love for President Trump. Game takes a somewhat joking tone -- but also sounds serious ... watch out, Ye.

Eric Benet, another rapper TMZ contacted, also seemed concerned for Kanye's safety.

Eric doesn't live too far from Kanye, so he's got a vested interest on several levels -- and admits even their normally peaceful neighborhood might not provide enough cover or security for Kanye.

Dillinger's cousin Snoop Dogg has also ripped West for expressing support for President Trump, mocking him in multiple Instagram posts. In March of 2017, Snoop released a vile anti-police video that showed the rapper shooting a clown dressed as President Trump with a toy gun.