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Race Card Played as Black Student Senator Accused of Sexual Harassment

If a white person says anything negative about a person of another race, the Left only allows for one motive: racism. It's the only acceptable explanation.

At Clemson University, a motion was made to impeach the student government vice president after he lost his job as a resident advisor for "theft, trespassing, strong-arming, intimidation, and sexual harassment." Sounds like he needed to be kicked out -- but of course, the Left can't think rationally.

From Campus Reform:

A Clemson University student senator is being called a racist for proposing a motion to impeach a black student government official accused of sexual harassment.

Clemson Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) Senator Miller Hoffman motioned for an impeachment vote during a student government meeting Monday, leading to an intense three-hour debate among senators, according to video obtained by Campus Reform.

Hoffman is seeking an impeachment trial for Vice President Jaren Stewart following revelations that Stewart was fired from his job as a Resident Assistant after he was accused of “theft, trespassing, strong-arming, intimidation, and sexual harassment,” according to an incident report released by FitsNews.

Yet Hoffman’s fellow senators, members of the audience, and media outlets alike accused him of having racist motivations, blaming the call for impeachment on Stewart’s recent decision to protest the Pledge of Allegiance during an official meeting.

“I cannot stress enough how this situation has nothing to do with the flag protest or contain all racial motivation at all. Such a narrative is without evidence and completely untrue,” Hoffman countered, noting that Stewart was vice president of CUSG at the time of his termination from his RA position.

You see, a person who happens to be white won't be able to find any other reason to remove a minority from a position of authority other than racism.

One student stated:

The fact is Jaren is our representation on this campus. It goes back to he’s black ... He is black and he is in charge, man. That’s the reality.

In other words, a much lower standard of behavior applies if the person in authority is black. Now that's racism.

Folks, this is why it's impossible to have a discussion with the politically correct. They will always ascribe motives to you that have nothing to do with the truth, and for far too long, they haven't minded the disgrace of making false "racism" charges. There's no point in talking to people who aren't interested in reasoning.