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Quick, to the Victim-Mobile!

Has someone lit the Victim-signal in the sky?  For the last several days my Facebook page has been lit up with women “me too-ing” about how they also were harassed and are as victimy, helpless, and deserving as any would-be Hollywood A-lister flung across Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch.

It’s all “I too was harassed” and “being a woman is so terrible” and “no one is safe” and “patriarchy.”

It might be unkind of me, but my first thought – right after, “Really, I didn’t know Bill Clinton’s staff was that big” – was “No, you were not sexually harassed, because the penalties for that are straight-up horrendous unless you happen to be a big-time leftist.  At worst you were inconvenienced by having a pass made at you by a guy you found unattractive.”

This thought could be wrong and unkind.  Young and hapless women often allow things to happen to them that are objectively sexual harassment.  My first boss in the U.S. always found occasion to have me do some sort of work low to the ground like arrange shelves near the floor when I happened to be wearing something even vaguely low cut.  This went on so long I started noticing it but didn’t stop till my late brother-in-law – a burly biker – whom I had told about this insisted on walking me into work and telling the boss how protective he was of me.  However, note this was 30 years ago, and I was a newly arrived immigrant from a country in which this was not unusual, and I was a clerk in a mall shop, which is not the level of professional work most of these women do.

Is there a lot of that type of thing?  Yeah, there probably is, particularly where young, stupid women work.  And it’s probable a lot more goes on where immigrants work, particularly illegal immigrants, whose position is precarious.

But in general, that kind of harassment is only a real problem when it’s an industry dominated by very few gatekeepers.  These industries/professions -- the arts, publishing, filmmaking, politics, etc. -- are almost all dominated by the left.

And as we’ve said, leftist guys can get away with anything. It’s like the fact that they’re leftist exonerates them from all peccadillos and outright sins.  The left showed this amply with Bill Clinton: their feminism was of the sort that cared more about the right to kill your unborn child than about the right to have a profession without having to pay for it in sexual favors.  (Imagine for a second if Bush had behaved like Clinton.  He’d have been hounded out of office.)

Oh, and in those fields, particularly as more women rise to prominence, men get harassed too, in the exact same way.