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Protesters Interrupt Trump Seconds into Speech at Republican Jewish Coalition Event

During his speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition's Annual Leadership Meeting on Saturday, protesters interrupted the president and had to be escorted from the venue.

Speaking at the Venetian Resort, owned by prominent GOP donor Sheldon Adelson, Trump greeted the crowd with the traditional "Shabbat shalom!"

Seconds later, protesters from a progressive Jewish organization began chanting, "Jews are here to say white nationalism is a plague." Some of them held signs that read, "The Occupation Is a Plague."


The largely pro-Trump crowd drowned the protesters out with chants of "USA!" and "Four more years!" as they were being removed by security.

After they were escorted from the room, Trump said, "He’s gone back home to mommy. He will be reprimanded."

Later in the speech, Trump mocked anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), seeming to thank her for attending the conference. "Oh, I almost forgot, she doesn't like Israel. I'm so sorry!" Trump quipped, as the crowd booed the mention of Omar, who was not in attendance at the event.

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