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'Protester' Who Threw Russian Flags at Trump Is Longtime Dem Political Operative Ryan Clayton

Ryan Clayton from Americans Take Action, a group that wants President Donald Trump impeached, is detained by security officers after throwing Russian flags with the word "Trump" printed on them toward Trump as arrived at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017,

A longtime political operative known for pulling unhinged stunts in the service of Democrats was allowed to get dangerously close to the president today.

Wearing a suit and posing as a member of the press pool, Ryan Clayton screamed "Trump is treason!" and threw a handful of Russian flags at the president as he walked alongside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on his way to a GOP Senate lunch at the Capitol.

Clayton, who was arrested at the scene, is a member of the Robert Creamer group "Americans Take Action," according to Project Veritas' James O'Keefe.

Tuesday's incident wasn't the first time Clayton had used tiny Russian flags as a political prop. Last February, the operative handed out the flags to conservatives attending CPAC in an effort to manufacture an unflattering photo op.

He was also apprehended in a Senate office building after throwing Russian flags at Jared Kushner last July.

Robert Creamer is the longtime Alinskyite community organizer, convicted felon, and frequent Obama White House visitor whose nefarious campaign schemes were exposed by Project Veritas before the 2016 election.

After the election, O'Keefe's citizen journalism group Project Veritas conducted an investigation into some of the groups planning on disrupting the Trump inauguration.  One of the stings went awry when members of the progressive group "Undercurrent" grew suspicious and turned on the young, female Project Veritas journalist midway through the investigation.

Clayton and another operative, Lauren Windsor, harassed and intimidated the young woman as she desperately hailed a taxi, tormenting her with obscene taunts for what probably felt like an eternity. As she entered the taxi, both Windsor and Clayton sent Project Veritas Bob Creamer's regards. "You've been creamed!" they shrieked.

Clayton also disrupted James O'Keefe's talk at a private event in New York City by screaming and making a commotion in front of the door of the venue. O'Keefe surmised that it was an attempt to "bird-dog" him into reacting violently.