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Project Veritas: NYT Editors Admit on Camera They've Got Many More Subscribers Because of Trump

New York Times senior editor Des Shoe didn't know that she was being videotaped when she spoke candidly to an undercover journalist from Project Veritas about her newspaper's strategy of dealing with Trump... and raising revenue at the same time.

"Since the election, like you know...." Shoe said. "Speaking on, you know, for the New York Times, our subscriptions have sky-rocketed since.... I mean, they call it the Trump Bump." When Project Veritas' undercover reporter checked whether he heard that correctly, she answered in the affirmative and started laughing out loud.

Because, of course, it's so entertaining, isn't it?

This statement by Ms. Shoe was backed up by another NYT editor, Nick Dudich, in an earlier Project Veritas video. He said:

I mean honestly, Trump has driven us more business than anybody else. Anytime he says 'failing,' we add a boost of subscribers.

He added that "it kind of works both ways," by which he meant that attacking the NYT improves Trump's popularity among his base while simultaneously driving more traffic to the newspaper's website. A win-win, if you will.