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Progressive Dad Is the Best Troll on the Internet Right Now

If you aren't following Progressive Dad on Twitter (@ProgDadTV), you're missing out. Recently he broke the Internet with this tweet that made the NRA and even famous talk show hosts lose their minds with the hashtag #WordsNotGuns.

But how did they fall for this guy? He's obviously a troll, and a hysterical one at that.

I nearly choked watching this I was laughing so hard. Wait for the end. It's so worth it.

This week's brilliance was this account of a MAGA crime.

The thread is so funny, do not read unless you have an hour and some snacks.

That's because this whole account is a joke! Why is this so hard for people to see? Maybe I shouldn't even be telling you -- but it's so dang funny, I can't help myself. One of the glaring differences between the left and the right these days is the unwillingness of anyone on the left to ever laugh and just have a good time. The MAGA side is killing it though.

Some of his tweets do sound legitimately like the looney left which is what makes it so much fun. Take this for example:

This could have come off of Keith Olbermann's feed or Barack Obama's for that matter. But great parody must have some basis in reality or it fails. You have to ask yourself "is this real?" for it to be successful. Recently, another parody site, Medusa, had to shut down because it couldn't write comedy that wasn't coming true on the left!

What appeared to be a far-left feminism magazine has shut down after its creator revealed that the entire project was a joke filled with over-the-top satire packaged as liberal talking points designed to mock legitimate feminists and their supporters.

“We are shutting down our rather hilarious project because we can no longer compete with our competition. We have come to realize that our competition is not other satirical websites, but rather the people we are trying to satirize.”