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Pro-Life Protester at Immigration Rally: Abortion Is the 'True Family Separation'

A lone pro-life protester added his voice to a demonstration against Trump's family separation policy, much to the dismay, chagrin, and anger of the immigration protesters.

With megaphone in hand, the unidentified man criticized abortion as the “true family separation” and a “savage act of violence.”

The Hill:

“The pro-life movement also agrees that humans should never be separated from their families,” he shouted at protesters joining a large group in the park ahead of the rally. Many of the immigration protesters booed him or shouted "shame!"

He repeatedly thanked attendees of the rally for “coming to support the pro-life movement.”

He was joined by other anti-abortion rights protesters at the entrance to Lafayette Park, near the White House, who were holding up large signs with graphic anti-abortion images.

Did the anti-Trump demonstrators welcome him with open arms, or perhaps listen respectfully to what he had to say?

“He doesn’t need to be heard,” said Casey Royer, a protester who held a sign in front of the man’s face. “We’re all aware of his points and he’s a distraction right now to why we’re here."

“And just like the crowd is drowning out his voice right now I’m trying to cover his face because he doesn’t need to be spouting this nonsense while we’re here for another purpose," she told The Hill.

So free speech is now based on "need" and familiarity with a speaker's talking points? I just glanced at my copy of the Constitution and you know, it's funny, but I couldn't find those limitations on free speech anywhere.

I suppose we can now expect conservative speakers on college campuses to be heard without interruption lest the audience be "distracted" by people trying to shout them down.