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Presidential Hopeful Marianne Williamson on Reparations: ‘Whatever It Costs' It's a 'Debt We Owe'

WASHINGTON — Marianne Williamson, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, argued that reparations for descendants of slaves are a “debt we owe” as a society.

Williamson has suggested allocating $100 billion to a council that would spend the money on programs that benefit African-American ancestors of slaves as a form reparations.

Williamson was asked how she would pay for reparations, specifically where she would allocate the money from in the federal budget. In response, Williamson said that "nobody" asks that same question when tax cuts are passed or when wars are waged.

"This is not a debt we can afford to delay any longer. The economic restitution for two and a half centuries of slavery followed by 100 years of domestic terrorism. Germany has paid $89 billion to Jewish organizations since World War II," Williamson said during a CNN town hall on Sunday evening.

"It's simply a debt we owe. This country will not heal until we take a serious moral inventory. A nation must undergo the same level of deep moral inventory [and] admission of our character defects. Racism is a character defect. Let's end this. Let's fix this. Let's solve this. Reparations won't end everything but it will be a profound gift. It implies a mea culpa. It implies a recognition of a debt owed and therefore, it carries not only economic power but spiritual force -- whatever it costs, it's time to do this," she added.