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President Trump Blasts Sessions on Twitter AGAIN: 'So Many Lives Ruined'

Jeff Sessions

This morning, President Trump blasted his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, yet again, not only laying blame for a "witch hunt" at his feet but also adding that lives have been "ruined" by Sessions' recusal.

Actually, to be more specific, he's now not blaming the recusal, but rather blaming Sessions for not warning him about it. A finer distinction than in the past when he blamed Sessions for both things.

Both Rudy Giuliani (his current attorney) and Chris Christie (his former bestie) have said several times in the last week that they too would have recused themselves if in Sessions' position.

They said that because the recusal was the right and proper thing to do, legally. Trump probably doesn't get that, but he obviously gets that it would be weird to continue contradicting every lawyer in the country, including his own. And so he has modified, only blaming Sessions for ruined lives and wasted money rather than for not telling him in advance what he should have already known and attributing it to Sessions doing the correct thing.

Baby steps?

One could argue that his attacks on every institution of the United States' legal and justice systems represent a pattern that reflects more negatively on him now than on them, but of course, that would presume his base was able to countenance criticism.