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Portland ICE Occupiers Finally Evicted After Terrorizing Neighborhood, Shutting Down Food Cart, Spewing Racial Slurs at Cops

Portland Occupy ICE Camp served eviction notices.

After being served notices to vacate the premises by midnight or face arrest, most of the protesters at the the Occupy/Abolish ICE encampment near the ICE facility in Portland were finally evicted Tuesday night.

The occupiers had been stinking up the neighborhood for over five weeks, refusing to leave until they had permanently shut down the facility. But people who lived nearby complained about the smell, the noise, the threats, and the harassment of the occupiers, who only succeeded in shutting down a charitable food cart. Some of the protesters also reportedly hurled racist insults toward several nonwhite federal officers guarding the facility throughout the entire length of their deployments.

Several of the occupiers broke down the encampment throughout the day on Tuesday, while many others vacated the premises. An undisclosed number decided to stay until the bitter end. A few remained on the property after the deadline.

Spurred by President Trump's tough immigration policies, Abolish ICE protests and occupations sprung up last month in Portland, New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tacoma, Chicago and other cities. The agitators, who are led by local anarchist organizations and chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America, are calling for the abolition of ICE.

The Portland occupation managed to shut down the facility for several days before federal officers forced the demonstrators off federal property.  The activists remained in an encampment on a neighboring property, where they became an unwelcome presence in the neighborhood.

“I'm very frustrated,” a man who lives in the neighborhood told KGW8 on Monday. “I'm frustrated with the protesters because I think that they're sending the wrong message.”

Many of the people who live near the ICE facility felt too threatened by the occupiers to give their names to media.

“This is our home, we love where we live, and we used to be able to walk all around this area,” a woman who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation said. “I walked past there the other day to have to get up on Macadam and honestly I didn’t feel safe.”

Neighbors also complained about the threatening occupiers, loud noises, blocked traffic, and awful stench of the encampment.