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Politico Examines Leftist Incivility and Finds...the Tea Party

This Politico post was something that I happened upon late Monday night and was considering an immediate response to, but I decided to hold off until today for a specific reason.

There is one quote in it that's so egregious that I wasn't sure if I was just misreading it because I was so tired last night. I thought I would wait overnight to see if the quote was still there today.

It is.

The post is titled "The left loses its cool." At first blush, it would appear to be a sincere examination of the recent goings-on with Stephen Miller and Sarah Sanders -- and Maxine Waters' encouragement of more of the same. It begins with a premise that most would agree with:

In the Donald Trump era, the left is as aggressively confrontational as at any time in recent memory.

So far, so good. It looks like a decidedly left-leaning media outlet is going to engage in some ideological soul-searching.

That got blown to you-know-where a mere two paragraphs later.

Few disagree that Democrats are marching, protesting and confronting Republican officials with more intensity during the midterm elections than at any time in decades. The progressive fervor recalls conservative opposition to the previous president in his first midterm, when Democratic members of Congress were left running from  disruptive town halls and ended up being crushed at the polls in November.

We all know that leftists know nothing about history unless it's history that they have made up. This is a persistent lie that is told by them and, as I have personal experience with that which they are lying about, it's particularly irritating to me.

I co-founded the first Los Angeles Tea Party. From February of 2009 until November of 2012 I attended Tea Party movement gatherings all over the United States. Some had tens of thousands of people. Some had a few dozen.

You know what none of those gatherings had? Unhinged people harassing people at restaurants.

The "progressive fervor" referenced has resulted in things like a riot in Berkeley and Republicans being shot while practicing for a charity baseball game, to name a couple. Likening that to the peaceful Tea Party rallies is beyond the pale.

The town hall meetings that got lively in 2010 were public forums for constituents to meet with their elected representatives. The people in attendance were invited there. That's quite different than a mob forming outside the home of an appointed government official to call him a Nazi.

Those meetings that did get loud back then did so because the representatives in this representative republic were either lying to their constituents or not addressing them at all.

That's the real history from the Tea Party era.