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Plus-Size Blogger Who Posed in Bikini in Times Square Furious That Men 'Fetishized' Her

Back in April, 33-year-old plus-size fashion blogger Anna O’Brien made headlines when she publicly complained about security at a Las Vegas hotel. According to O’Brien, she was asked to cover up as she posed for a photo shoot in the hotel’s lobby in her bikini. O’Brien says she had previously obtained permission to do the shoot and that it was her size that caused hotel security to respond the way they did. “Other women were walking around with as much coverage as me and no one said anything to them,” O’Brien said at the time.

I find it ironic that I’ve taken photos in swimsuits all over the world and the one place I was told to cover up was Las Vegas. Sure, thin girls in thongs and pasties are A OK but a plus girl in a full coverage suit, trying to take an epic editorial shot- now that’s just too much. Jokes on them though, I’d already gotten the perfect photo. They can’t erase this happened. I’m learning as I push myself to do more editorial type concepts, the push back is greater. But that’s why I push. It’s more than just a girl in the city of sin in a bikini, It’s a statement. We will be seen. We’re not hiding anymore. And we’re going to wear whatever we want, wherever we want. Not just in Vegas. EVERYWHERE. Change is coming; the question is are you going to stand in the way or help us push through? Bikini by @curvybeach #lasvegas #plussize #fashion #bodypositive #confidence #idowhatiwant 📸 @larabellenewyork

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Now, O’Brien is at it again, posing in her bikini in New York’s Times Square as part of a “documentary-style shoot” about life after her experience in Las Vegas went viral. But this time, O’Brien wasn’t asked to cover up. In fact, it was quite the opposite. “I was prepared to be pointed at, shamed, and called fat. I didn't expect to be fetishized,” O’Brien laments in an article for Cosmopolitan. That’s right, folks, according to O’Brien fat shaming is perfectly acceptable. It’s the fact that anyone saw an obese woman standing in Times Square in her underwear as sexual that really offends her.

Yesterday I did the scariest thing I have done in my 30+ years... I stood in times square in a bikini and posed for a photo shoot. In the beginning I felt really overwhelmed. Not because I was mocked, but because I was so extremely sexualized by a few men who were watching. What was so ironic to me was that to the right of me were two nearly nude women covered only with body paint and no one felt the need to yell or scream what they wanted to do to their bodies. But to me, a plus woman in a swimsuit, the things that were said were so graphic it made me sick to my stomach. One man said he felt justified in saying what he did- because “plus women don’t know they’re ****able.” Let me be very clear here: a plus size woman’s worth, or any one woman’s worth for that matter, is not contingent on someone wanting to have sex with them. You don’t exist to pleasure someone else... you exist to change the world. #plussize #timessquare #selflove #selfworth #brave #fearless 📸 @larabellenewyork

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