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We Can't Make the System Absolutely Fraud-Proof, But We Can Make It Less Fraud-Convenient

I’m angry. I’m very angry. Yes, I know you like me when I’m angry, but I’ve been roaming the house yelling “Sarah Smash” while cats, sons, even husband get out of my way.

Because I’m very, very angry. And I can’t do anything about it, which means it turns inward in a sick feeling of despair.

I think a lot of us are there.

So, sure. The Democrats probably stole the Arizona state seat and might flip another one or two in the next week, including the one in Florida.

Don’t shout “no voter fraud” at me, because if there were no voter fraud, then the “recounts,” even given a messed up election process, would go equally to either side. Right?

But there is voter fraud. What’s more, we have a system designed to enable voter fraud: from people being signed up to vote when they get a driver’s license, with no proof of citizenship, to early voting to vote by mail.

All these systems are rife with the possibility for fraud, including foreigners (legal or not), people who don’t exist, and the dead voting. And the Democrats will fight hard – really hard – against anything that cleans up the vote. They do. They have.

Are the Democrats really half the population?

I don’t know and neither do you. Personally, I think that if they were — if they didn’t know what gives them that competitive ability, in fact, massive, unimaginable — they wouldn’t fight on and on for new frontiers in fraud-enabling: younger voters! Same-day registration! No ID! We “help” old-age homes vote! Illegals should totally be allowed to vote!

And with all that – with all that, ladies and gentlemen – they still need a week after the elections to recount the votes to manufacture a suitable number of votes.

How many are there really? How many people are hell-bent on making our country a socialist death machine?

These people mau-mau institutions, government employees, schools, and people on the street in the name of “social justice” but how many of them are there? Are they just a loud and well-funded fraud machine?

I don’t know, and neither do you. The people who yell "there is no fraud!" have their hands in their ears and are screaming as loudly as they can.

But not only are humans prone to fraud, we know what the horror leading the fraud in Florida said: that she’s a “Democrat because I believe in treating all people alike.”

Which she thinks she’s doing. The leftist credo has corroded these people’s minds, and they think our system is inherently unfair, they’re prisoners of the patriarchy, and on and on. Which in the end means that they have to cheat to make it “fair.”