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Parkland Teacher Defends Officer's Interrogation of Pro-2nd Amendment Student Kyle Kashuv

Kyle Kashuv appears on Fox Business.

On Monday, Kyle Kashuv -- Parkland, Florida's most vocal pro-2nd Amendment student -- said armed security officers had "aggressively questioned" him in a locked office at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Kashuv said the interrogation focused on tweets he had posted over the weekend about visiting a gun range with his father.

Kashuv tells PJ Media that he has since been told to refer to the officers as "security specialists." He says two "security specialists" and a Broward County Sheriff's Office deputy questioned him in a locked room -- and "the principal didn't know this was happening."

On Tuesday, Kashuv appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss his ordeal.

"It was a clear attempt to intimidate me," the 16-year-old told Carlson."And they used very, very, very harsh intimidation tactics."

Kashuv told Tucker that the officers peppered him with questions such as: "Whose gun is it? Who'd you shoot it with? ... Is it your gun, or your dad's gun? When did you go?"

Kashuv said: "This entire time I was like -- did I do anything wrong? I mean -- it's still America the last time I checked. I can go to a gun range and shoot it peacefully."

School resource deputy Dean Seymour filed the following "information only" report, meaning they did not find that Kashuv had broken any laws. His report states that fellow MSD students were concerned that Kashuv had posted a video on social media showing himself shooting a "riffle," and that Kyle's mother "Uzi" Kashuv was then contacted about it. (Uzi is Kyle's father.)

Seymour's report further stated that his "mother Uzi" said Kyle is "a good kid and wouldn't hurt anyone."

The report also incorrectly asserted that the video was taken down; it is in fact still up on Twitter:

The controversy prompted a history teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas to weigh in on Twitter. The teacher, Greg Pittman, defended the strong-arm tactics against Kashuv because posting photos of "assault weapons" is "a really bad idea":