Parkland Survivor's Mom: Trump Hugged Him, but School Didn't Even Know He'd Been Shot

The media has focused plenty of attention on Parkland survivors since the February 14 massacre, but mostly on the survivors who  A) were not wounded and B) demand gun control.

It sounds like the school itself -- which even allowed the pro-gun control students to skip classes for media appearances -- may have done the same.

One Parkland mother is speaking out. She claims that her son -- a survivor in the sense that he was actually shot -- has been completely ignored by the school administration. Lisa Olsen, mother of William Douglas, blasted the Broward County school board on Tuesday.

"Even the president of the United States, the first lady, the governor, the attorney general, the chief of staff, and the senator had time to hug my son, but not my school district and not my son’s principal," she said.

"He is one of the true survivors. It wasn’t until the soft opening on that Sunday afternoon at MSD that anyone even was aware that William had these bullet injuries. I actually had to show a district staff member Williams x-rays to verify them. How could the district fail to contact each of the students in the classrooms where murders and injuries occurred. This borders on negligence."

I have to disagree with her. It "borders" on nothing. It is negligence.

How do they not know one of their students was shot? How could this get missed?