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Palestinian Diplomat: 'We Are Very Proud That We Are Stone Throwers'

Palestinian protesters throw stones toward Israeli troops.

A Palestinian diplomat, speaking to Canadian college students visiting the United Nations headquarters in New York, said that Palestinians are proud of their history of throwing stones at Israeli forces.

Further, they will continue teaching their children to do just that:

Israeli news outlet Ynet obtained the recording of Abdallah Abushawesh, a member of the Palestinian delegation to the UN, making the comments to international relations students from McGill University. Abushawesh serves as a senior adviser to the UN's Development Group, Ynet reports.

"We are very clever and very expert at throwing the stones. We are very proud to do that. We will not stop to learn our kids (to do that)," Abushawesh says in broken English amid students' snickers.

Abushawesh added that Palestinians who are caught throwing stones "go to the jail."

He continued: "We are very proud that we are stone throwers. I'm one of them. Now I became a little bit older, but I stay resistant in the name of my kids."