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Our Immigration Policy Is Endangering Children

Let me come right out and say it as bluntly as I can: our immigration policy is endangering children.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. No, I’m not talking about “children in cages” — which appear to have been a feature of the Obama administration — or the fact that the same Obama administration lost a lot of those children in the system.

I’m talking about our lax enforcement of immigration laws, and the fact that no matter where you come from or why, or even what your record is, if you show up at the U.S. border with children you have a good chance of staying.  (Or if you show up at the border saying you’re a child, even if the claim is unlikely.)

This is endangering children in all the usual ways.

There have been rumors of children kidnapped (or bought) throughout the world to facilitate someone’s entrance into the U.S.  (Yes, formal and informal slave markets still exist in many parts of the world, and yes, children and women are cheap.)

At any rate, children, whether they are the legal progeny of the people dragging them or not, are endangered in myriad ways when dragged across the better part of a continent to the border of the U.S.

Let’s be frank, shall we? There is no amount of economic hardship or even “danger” that can cause a human being to run — bringing his child across several other countries where he’s not endangered and facing the dangers of human traffickers and rapists, not to mention the more mundane thieves and murderers -- simply to get to the U.S.  Not if he or she is a decent parent and human being.  The solution to economic hardship is to leave the child.  If you must come to the U.S. illegally, or if you believe tales about the streets being paved in gold, you’re not alone.  But decent people leave their child with relatives or friends or even paid caretakers — that is, safe — while they send money back home.  I come from a country of emigrants, and I can tell you that’s how it’s usually done. The answer to “drug gangs were bullying me” is to move and change your name.

Running to the U.S. with a child is not a resort of last despair.  It’s an attempt to get in on the basis of “will no one think of the children?” -- which the custard heads in the U.S. (mostly the childless ones) fall for over and over again.

We’re also making it really easy for white slavers to bring children (kidnapped or bought) to satisfy the depraved appetites of pedophiles. If we don’t separate children from adults at the border – even if the adult has come by before with other children, or if the adult looks nothing like the child/is of an age that he couldn’t be the child’s parent — we can’t find out if the child really is the child of the adult or wants to stay with him or her.  And if you think that doesn’t happen, such child trafficking has been going on for decades, but probably got worse since Obama signed the Dream Act, thereby encouraging people to bring multitudes of minors.  (Or send them through unaccompanied.)