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Once Again, the First Lady's Festive White House Christmas Decorations Bring Out the Worst in Democrats

Topiary trees line the East colonnade at the White House.

As the Trump family prepares for its second Christmas in the White House, liberals are again panning First Lady Melania Trump's festive decorations with scathing, hate-filled insults. Trashing the first lady's elegant Christmas decor has become a holiday tradition for many on the Left, apparently. It really is sad to see.

I figured when I saw her choice of decor in the East Colonnade, the Left was going to have a field day criticizing it. But even I was surprised by the ferocity of their hatred and venom:

Mrs. Trump's choice of striking red topiary trees to line the East Colonnade was bold, to be sure, and certainly not for everybody, but does it really warrant the fusillade of attacks we're seeing on Twitter? You would think she decorated the trees with ornaments depicting Communist dictators or transvestites, or even an ornament showing her husband on Mount Rushmore. Such baubles would truly be tacky and appalling. But no -- she merely decked one of the White House halls with an abundance of red trees. And Left-wing "resisters" on Twitter are -- of course -- resisting, to a typically unhinged degree.

Democrats are comparing the red trees to The Handmaid's Tale because the handmaids wear red cloaks. Get it? This is "hilarious," we're told:

They're also comparing the red trees to a car wash, Muppets, and other assorted things. They've even brought back last year's favorite comparison -- The Shining:

Mostly they just sniped about how ugly it all is, and what a terrible decorator Melania Trump is: