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Omarosa's Claim that Trump Used N-Word Falling Apart

Omarosa Manigault Newman is a pathetic liar who made stuff up to sell a book.

That's what some people mentioned in her book Unhinged as witnesses to Trump's use of racial slurs are saying.

Specifically, Omarosa says that she was told by a third party that pollster Frank Luntz heard Trump use the N-word. Luntz immediately debunked that claim.

Luntz also wrote, "It seems like certain book publishers these days care more about getting a release out than getting the facts down. This is why people don’t trust these “exposés,” which is especially bad for authors who actually are good and reliable."

She also claimed Trump said of Kellyanne Conway's half-Filipino husband George,  "F***ing FLIP! Disloyal! F***ing Goo-goo."

Mr. Conway begged to differ. "The allegation is not credible, and indeed is ridiculous, particularly in light of the timing of her departure from the White House—December 12, 2017. It’s absurd all around," he wrote.

The debunking of these claims by Omarosa calls into question the validity of some of her other weird observations of Trump:

  • She was offered a $15,000 a month contract from the Trump campaign in exchange for staying silent after she was fired. She refused the offer.
  • Trump wasn't aware that Kelly fired her. She quotes him saying, "No! No one even told me. I didn’t know that. Damn it."
  • Trump asked her about her decision to go to Haiti, "Why did you choose that sh**ty country as your first foreign trip?" Trump reportedly referred to Haiti and a few other nations as "s**thole countries" in January this year.
  • The White House has a tanning bed, although the Post reports that other White House aides have said they have not seen it.
  • She once walked in on Trump chewing up a piece of paper and seemingly swallowing it in the Oval Office.

Perhaps most tellingly, NPR reports that Omarosa contradicted herself when talking about the supposed tapes of Trump using the N-word.

"Hearing it changed everything for me," former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman told NPR on Friday.

Manigault Newman was referring to what she calls the "N-word tape" — a long-rumored but never surfaced tape of Donald Trump on the set of the Apprentice allegedly using the racial slur. In her interview with NPR's Rachel Martin, Manigault Newman claims to have heard the tape and heard Trump using that slur on the tape.

But that's not what it says in her tell-all book Unhinged, due out on Tuesday.

When asked about the discrepancy by Martin in the interview, Manigault Newman insisted Martin must not have read the book (she had) and pointed to a section at the very end of it.

But in that section, Manigault Newman doesn't actually describe hearing the tape. She writes of calling one of her "sources" who had a lead on the "N-word tape."