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Kerry, Obama Staffers Melt Down on Twitter After Trump Nukes Iran Deal

Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes stand at a podium.

Imagine what it feels like to be Ben Rhodes today after spending so much time developing that Iran Deal echo chamber.

His Twitter lamentations come in 13 parts:

Obama's former national security council spokesman (and Obama Campaign bus driver) Tommy Vietor has some profound thoughts as well:

Obama's former speechwriter came unglued:

Then there's former secretary of State John Kerry, who up until the last minute plotted and schemed to preserve Obama's misbegotten deal with America's foe.

Thank God Kerry fails at just about everything he sets out to do -- including throwing Vietnam War combat medals over a fence at the Capitol. (They were someone else's medals.)

File this under "who asked you?"

And of course Ohio Gov. John Kasich is criticizing the move as well: :

The Federalist's Sean Davis hits back at the Obama bros and puts it all in perspective: