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The November 4 Antifa Apocalypse Was an Antifail

Launch of nationwide demonstrations led by RefuseFascism group to drive Trump Administration from office.

George Soros may want his money back today after Refuse Fascism's mass insurrection failed to materialize on November 4.

A full-page ad in the New York Times costs about $150,000. Signs cost money, too. It may be chump change to a guy like Soros, but he still must be disappointed in the results.

The Antifa Apocalypse was an Antifail.

Perhaps even the most anti-Trump resisters balk at the thought of marching under a communist flag with masked commies and anarchists.

Sure, the communist front group was able to muster dozens or even hundreds of protesters in some of the locations on its list of 20 deep blue cities, but we were promised a sea of humanity --"thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions" -- in opposition to the "hate and bigotry of the Trump/Pence fascist regime."

What we got were the usual marching and chanting gaggles of far-left malcontents and crackpots, squawking at times through bullhorns and trying very hard to be on their best behavior -- because organizers promised "peaceful protests."

There were a few confrontations with Trump supporters and instances of violence, but much fewer than expected. Only a few people were arrested -- in L.A. and NYC -- where the biggest crowds were. And as is always the case with left-wing protests, there was plenty of rough language and a need for "language warnings" in media posts about the protests that came with videos. (I don't remember such a need when the tea party was in full swing -- although there was perhaps a language warning needed for the occasional reporters who couldn't resist calling the conservative protesters "teabaggers.")

Here are some sights and sounds from the great November 4 ANTIFAIL:

In Chicago, a commie stronghold, dozens of protesters showed up to chant and wave their Soros signs to the beat of drums.

Here, a musician manically repeated the phrase "Today we begin!" over and over again.


Boston's crowd was pretty meager ...

About 50 people showed up in Cleveland: