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Note to Those Politicizing Fiction Against Trump: Shut Up and Write


Why is it that fiction writers feel compelled to push their political opinions into the most unlikely stories?

By which I don’t mean building your world or your characters according to your understanding of the world.  That’s just what humans do and I don’t even resent it.  Oh, there is no power in the world that would compel me to read one more science fiction novel in which “the world of women” is a peaceful paradise, because, you know, I went to an all-girls high school – aka the pit of hell – and by page five I’m wondering if the author ever met a living woman, even when they claim to be women.

But I’ve read stories where the assumption is that, oh, the euro soft-socialism model worked best for human societies, and even enjoyed them, as long as the characters weren’t preaching their nonsense at me every five lines.  I just assumed the characters didn’t know everything about the world.

I do that even with books I agree with.  Take 1984.  There’s no way that world is real.  It wouldn’t survive a Heinlein character with a screwdriver for five minutes.

What I’m talking about, though, are critters like this one.

This is a romance writer who is so upset over Trump’s win that instead of writing what she was writing before – which frankly sounds like a bog-standard regency romance – is going to write to encourage the “resistance” or to educate people against Trump.

And apparently she’s not alone:

Since the election of Donald Trump, even some romance writers have decided it's time to get political.

The genre's brooding Heathcliffs are getting makeovers and storylines are being tweaked to better reflect feminist values around sexual equality and inclusiveness, as writers work to recast the heroes into characters they want to celebrate.

A day after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, bestselling New York-based author Sarah MacLean said she vowed to use her "very considerable platform" to step up and speak up, as she wants to "make a difference in the world."

MacLean said she realized the book she was writing "had 275 pages of a character who probably would have voted for Donald Trump," so she deleted the entire manuscript. "I threw it all out and started over."

This is me groaning audibly.  Look, guys, I’ll read just about anything.  Any genre, or lack of genre.

Let me tell you something.  You know what traditional publishing isn’t short on?  Leftist propaganda.

Run from NYC, publishing is a tiny business in terms of the community.  All editors and publishers know each other.  Most of them got their liberal arts degrees at the same, impeccably leftist universities.  And the way to get ahead and signal you had an excellent education is to regurgitate the “Marxist truths” that editors and publishers learned from their professors, and that they’ve learned to identify as “the right way to think” and “what all smart people think.”  (Most editors and publishers, like most people, are in fact average.)