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Northwestern University Continues Efforts to 'Deconstruct Masculinity'

The good people at Northwestern University have a plan to take everything you know about masculinity and turn it on its head. Basically, it's more feminist claptrap designed to get men to be women.

From The College Fix:

Northwestern University is adding a second cohort to its six-week “dialogues” on “examining and deconstructing masculinity,” which are run by NÜ Men, a collaboration between its Social Justice Education unit and Center for Awareness, Response and Education,  The Daily Northwestern reports.

The assistant director of residence life, Dan Amato, credited “increased interest” for the addition of the second cohort. The program, which features “eight to 10 male-identifying students and two facilitators” in each dialogue, started in spring 2016 with a grant from the U.S. Justice Department.

The first event of this academic year in November will tackle “toxic masculinity” over one to two hours, though this is supposedly a shortening of previous workshops, so as to make attendance easier. It will be open to everyone, male-identified and otherwise.

By now, most guys understand that "toxic masculinity" is a buzzword that tries to lump jackasses in with traditional masculinity. As if fathering a child and abandoning the mother -- one example I've seen several times for so-called "toxic, masculine behavior" -- has ever been considered acceptable in traditional masculinity.

Of course, it's amusing that there is this interest so soon after the Harvey Weinstein allegations surfaced. After all, traditional masculinity would have required someone pound old Harvey into the pavement for his alleged behavior.

It's also amusing that so many feminists are calling on men to be protectors now -- a role that is inherent in traditional masculinity -- while Northwestern is clearly calling for an end to such institutions.